Winter Wellness 2020

Usually I start to get excited around this time of year, excited to get cosy in my home, excited for Christmas and parties and seeing family and friends.

As we all start to hunker down (well in Scotland anyway) we all know it’s different.

It’s a time when a lot of people get sad as it’s so dark and gloomy in Scotland over Winter. A time when people might struggle with health just because of regular colds and flu. A time when people get sad as we approach a new year without loved ones passed.

In 2020, the year of the COVID19 Pandemic, like none of us have known we must all help each other, look out for each other. However the most important person is ourselves!!! We must not forget to look after ourselves.

What ever you use to get you through this winter, walking,running, zumba,christmas movies, treats, massages, or Yoga! 🙂 Just remember to take care of yourself. If we all remember to do that, we will have plently to give to others too.

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