Imposter Syndrome and Menopause

I think this is a fancy title for something that we all say to ourselves at some point. “I am not good enough to do this” ” I am not as good as you” “I think I will fail, so I won’t bother”

Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, drop me a note, as I have never met anyone who didn’t have some self-doubt, and I would like to pick your brain! 🙂

Let’s talk about this with menopause added in the mix. So, we all have self-doubt throughout our lives any age. We have tools, parents, friends to encourage us when we are younger. When you hit your mid 40s – 50s. Its maybe assumed you know what you are doing. You have a great career that you have been successful in for years. You run a home, a family and mostly keep it all together.

Then menopause creeps on you and you start doubting things you have been doing for years, anxiety starts, the fear of failure doubles, you are getting old, menopause stereotypes start trickling into your thoughts. You do not want to be that menopausal women, so you don’t mention the doubt, the anxiety, the brain fog and it just gets worse and worse!

The crazy thing is, you can get help, menopause can cause major hormone deficiency in women. Which in turn causes all these issues, anxiety, brain fog (as well as lots of other issue) HRT has had a lot of bad press, but that press has been discredited. If you had a thyroid issue, you have no issue taking Hormone replacement therapy to help it, you would not think twice about it. Diabetes? Again, another hormone replacement that you must take if needed. So why not hormone replacement therapy if you have a major hormone deficiency in menopause? Does that make you a little bit curious to do some investigations for yourself maybe speak to your Doctor? It did for me.

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