Meditation – Is it a stuggle for you?

Often my students tell me that they really struggle with meditation, they think of meditation as sitting bolt upright crossed legged and hands on top of knees. Of course, you can do your meditation like this, but I explain that meditation can be lots of things, it can be individual, personal,and not sitting!

There are so many books on meditation and evidence-based studies providing us with the reasons why meditation is good for us. Yet so many do not do it, struggle with it, and see it as a chore.

I endeavour to guide my students to find what is best for them. In class I always do a breathing exercise and end with a guided relaxation or meditation.

I encourage students to try different forms of meditation, in any position! I often meditate in my bed with my duvet wrapped around me. I am cosy, safe, and comfortable. I meditate on chairs, buses, airplanes and waiting rooms. (granted not been on an airplane for nearly a year!) seizing the moment, to sit, focus on breath, block out all other noises and just be.

If you struggle with meditation I would invite you to use a tool like insight timer, It’s a free App for many meditations. There is the option to pay for courses. There are so many options with guided meditations, bedtime, morning, walking. Here is a link to my morning meditation.

Let go of the idea it needs to be a certain way, and just do it YOUR way.

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