January 2021 with Elizabeth

Restrictions continue in Scotland due to COVID19 and I would like to explain what will be available coming into January 2021.

Online Classes

These will continue and is a 4 week subscription, 2 live classes per week. Classes are also recorded for you to do at anytime through the private Facebook Community. The classes can be taken on Zoom and you get to meet and talk to other students, or taken on Facebook. Access to further information, workshops, monthly giveaways. This is £20 for the 4 week subscription. Click Here to book.

Beginner Block

This is exclusively for absolute beginners, so if you have never tried yoga, worried you are not flexible enough or you think you are too heavy, or whatever excuse you tell yourself! 🙂 This is the block for you. I love to introduce people to yoga. This is online. 4 x 1 hour Classes, this will go over equipment, breathing, poses. £30 for 4 week programme. Spaces are limited. The block starts on 12th January for 4 weeks. Over 16 only. Click Here to book.

Online 1 to 1

These are available on request at a time to suit you. This could be a few lessons to get you comfortable and confident to do the group classes. We will work at your speed. £30 for 1 hour class. Contact Elizabeth Here.

In person Classes

Hopefully we will get into Level 2 in January, Positive that our numbers go down. If we get to Level 2 in person classes will open again in Milngavie Solasta Studios. Watch the booking site for updates.

Menopause Workshops

These will continue as soon as I can in person. These are 3 hour workshops. Small groups of women, focus on yoga for menopause symptoms and lots of other information. There is more information on the website pages here. I have a session planned for January at Solasta Studios on Sunday 24th January 10am-4pm. Still a few spaces left and if it’s moved due to covid, usual policy applies, refund or priority move to new dates. Book Here.

Online Meditation and Relaxations

I am a teacher on insight timer, This is a fantastic free app with lots of free meditations from teachers all over the world. I have now started to build a library of guided meditations and relaxations. Please have a look at link here, click to follow me, to be updated when new content becomes available.

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