Slowly back to the New Normal

I live in Scotland and as of 22nd May I will able to start my In person Yoga classes again. In person classes have not been allowed since October 2020. Even then it was a short lived stint of 6 weeks before that. My in person classes stopped in March 2020.

I am excited to get back and see my students in person, but also cautious. I, like many others do not want to go back to a lockdown. Do not want to cause risk to others.

In the UK our vaccine programme has been very successful. It pains me to see parts of the world that do not have access to the vaccine.

I have tried to use my lockdown time wisely, concentrate on my online work, my yoga, sewing and creating. However you can not beat social interaction. That reason to get up and out. Make an effort to look nice! See other people apart from your immediate family.

The UK, I believe has been a lot stricter with the lockdown rules than many other countries and although it has been hard, I definitely believe it is for the best long term.

I look forward to the future of my classes and getting back to a new normal.

I know all over the world there are different stories of how this pandemic is being handled. Wherever you are in the world, please continue to be cautious and safe.

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