Yoga and Children

Children are natural born yogis! How many times have you seen a toddler do a perfect down dog? Cobra? Happy Baby? Children are super flexible and yoga is a brilliant way to spend time with your child and do something together. For me, Yoga is a way of life, not a hobby, or something you are good at like a sport, It’s just yoga. Everyone is good at ‘their’ yoga.

If we install the love of yoga, breath, mindfulness at a young age it will become second nature to children as they grow. It will develop over time and be there when they need it. The breath exercises will become second nature without them realising it.

There are so many fantastic tools out there to encourge you to play and interact with your children through yoga. Cards with fun poses, games.

I encourage parents to bring their children to my adult classes from 12 years old (accompanied by an adult) and from 16 unaccompanied.

Why don’t you give it a go with your children and next time you are looking for a unique baby gift, Yoga for Children cards could be just the thing!

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