About Me



My name is Elizabeth Jamieson.  

I am a wife to my fabulous husband Steven, and I am mother to 2 beautiful children, Rebecca and Charles who are both wonderful children and I am very proud to be their Mum.  We also have 2 crazy spaniels Baxter and Bella.

I have always had a yearning to do something ‘different’ and that has gotten stronger and stronger as I have gotten older.  I did always want to be a school teacher! So now I have studied to be a qualified Yoga Teacher and a Children’s Rainbow yoga teacher. I look forward to using yoga to help others. I have always dabbled in essential oils on my path of wellness and I eventually came across dōTERRA.  I have incorporated the dōTERRA essential oils into my life in many ways even though I cannot smell!

I am a congenital asnosmiac (no sense of smell ever). This was discovered when I was a small child in a caravan incident with gas.   I knew essential oils would benefit my family, however I still benefit from them too, topically, internally and also diffusing. My passion with the oils is learning about the properties and the science behind what they can do!   I was so impressed with the dōTERRA products that I started looking at the business model and the company.  dōTERRA do amazing work with the communities they source the oils from. They have been a fast growing business in the USA, expanding to Europe and Australia.   Starting this business was not about pushing a product, it’s about sharing something incredible and making people’s lives better.  I have heard so many inspirational stories of people’s road to wellness using oils.

I started my wellness business incorporating everything I love, yoga, sewing, essential oils and mentoring others.   I can use my corporate experience to build my business and mentor others. Through my interests of dōTERRA oils, yoga and other hobbies, my long term goal is to have the freedom and time to spend with my family and my dogs, whilst working on the things I love.  Sounds perfect to me!

Elizabeth x