Business Building



I have enjoyed a career in the corporate world for over 30 years.  I have gained experience in many different areas, one of them being development of people, mentoring and coaching.

I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and meeting my life goals.   One of those goals is teaching yoga and running a Wellbeing Business. 

I was already an avid user of dōTERRA products and the products fitted perfectly with what I was working on, what I wanted to do.  I researched the company’s business opportunity and I liked what I saw.   Low cost start up and a collaborative business model that puts you in charge of your business.  However, you have the help and support of dōTERRA and your team along the way.

Using dōTERRA essential oils, my fellow advocates and I teach others about living a low tox, healthy lifestyle, while creating their own financial freedom. What ever that might look like for them. 

I know building a business might be daunting, but that doesn’t mean you need to do it alone.  I have years of experience and education in mentoring and leadership and it is a huge part of what I love to do.  I hope I can help people just like you, to build a business and support your family, to build financial and time freedom.

My mentorship program, includes monthly challenges. 1-to-1 is also available and all is an integral part of our team’s community and your success.


The beauty of joining me on this journey is that it allows you to create residual income that is only limited by your imagination. As you spread the power of dōTERRA you’ll see the beauty & wonder of inspiring others to live a natural lifestyle. 

Are You…..

  • Looking for healthy options for you and your family?
  • Creative, seeking better and bigger ways to do things?
  • Aspiring to have more time to spend with family and friends and not be tied to 9-5?
  • A goal setter who works hard to achieve them?
  • Driven by giving to others and community minded?
  • Of an entrepreneurs mindset?
  • Looking for a business that has low cost start up,  low risk and you can build only limited by your imagination, hard work and determination?

This business is yours,  100%,   I am there to support and Mentor, however I am not your Boss,  how much you get out of this, is how much you put in.

If this sounds what you are looking for,  then go for it! Give me a call.    of course there is a commitment,  there is work involved,  it wont all happen overnight,  but with passion, hard work.   You can do it.  I am there to support as much as you need it.

This is how I support you. 

  • Regular 1 to 1  support to work on your goals and dreams.
  • Coaching calls
  • A community of like minded people to support you.
  • Access to resources, training tools & guides via DōTERRA.
  • Access to training resources from myself and wider DōTERRA Team.
  • Your own dōTERRA website to go pro with your business.

Interested to find out more? 

Lets’ go for a coffee and I will tell you. I am always excited to help a new entrepreneur.  No commitments, no costs! I will even buy the coffee!  

Elizabeth x