I have been a volunteer at CHAS since 2015,  Children’s Hospice Across Scotland.

It’s a fabulous place,  helping families all over Scotland and their children with life shortening illnesses.   I volunteer in the activities team.  All of the staff are fantastic and committed to doing a fabulous job.   If you would like to know more about CHAS please click the link above.


Another charity I am passionate about is the Sewing charity “Sew Powerful” which sew bags to hold feminine hygiene products for girls in Zambia,  This helps keep the girls in school all month, which in turn has a massive impact on their education and the community.


Love Love Love this charity!  Linus (Snoopy Character who loved his little quilt) There are kind hearted sewers all over the country who sew little quilts and they are gifted to babies and children when they are in hospital. The children get to take the quilts home,  and there has been reports of the children being totally attached to these wonderful gifts.  For the parents the quilt comes at a time when their child is totally vulnerable,  and they report that seeing such a colourful quilt over their child in hospital can help them to get through it,  knowing that people all over the country do this for children in their time of need.  For a sewer such as myself,  we love sewing, and we love to see our items go to good use. There has been posts on the Linus facebook page of older children still loving their quilts, years after they have been ill, how cool is that! to help a child and their parent and give them comfort at a difficult time and beyond just from a little quilt.