I love to sew!

I have been sewing since I was 12, thanks to my lovely high school teacher Mrs Burrows,  who taught me the basics.   My Mum and Dad bought me a Jones sewing machine and I was off!   I have been sewing ever since, from bridesmaids dress to christening gowns.  Although never  sewn a bride dress!  Clothes, bags, purses, Halloween costumes, Home furnishing.   If you can sew it,  I have made it. (Apart from bridal dress, which I will never do!)   I love to put my sewing to good use and use my skills to do work for charity.   Sewing Bags for girls in Africa and anything required for CHAS.   I think sewing is such an important skill, and I am disappointed that its not taught in schools as much these days.

Sewing is a massive stress buster,  I have even seen studies online where they say it can help PTSD.    Apart from being creative,  it takes you out of your busy mind,  complete concentration in creation.   Now I plan on teaching others to sew.