“Elizabeth still provides such a community feel even virtually”

I have been attending Elizabeth’s yoga practice in person and online for well over a year now.
Elizabeth makes all her students feel so welcome and comfortable from the get go.
Classes are suitable for all levels. Every week I look forward to my time on the mat with Elizabeth. It’s just so lovely to spend an hour on myself and my wellness.

The mix of practices is great we can have a very relaxing class one day and the next can push the poses we have learned to the next level.
Always learning always progressing. I now am not sure what I like the best, in person or online as both options are so good with Elizabeth guiding us.

I love in person classes as I’m very much a people person and like being part of a community. But I have to say the online Zoom/Facebook live classes have been a life saver over the last few months in lockdown it’s my two favourite hours of every week pretty much.

Elizabeth still provides such a community feel even virtually and it’s ideal not having to travel.

I cannot recommend Elizabeth and Wellbeing with Elizabeth highly enough.

Elizabeth has been doing lovely giveaway gifts for her community every month and on top of that we have been given some morning and nighttime meditation on Insight Timer as a wee extra bonus which has been a lovely addition to the service provided.

If you are not sure if you would like yoga and have never tried it before Elizabeth is the girl for you. You will never look back.

The enthusiasm and care Elizabeth has for each and everyone of her students shines through at each and every session. 🙏🏻 🧘‍♀️

Paula Sweeney

“A real treat during these challenging times”

I attend Elizabeth‘s classes on Zoom and love that they are recorded on Facebook to playback and practice whenever it suits . Elizabeth exudes passion for Yoga and this is passed on to the class and you just want to do well in her class.  She explains all of the moves really well and motivates you to push yourself and at the same time mindful that if have you have limitations then alternative moves are provided.

 I have issues with my shoulders and knees and with her gentle encouragement I feel I have increased my flexibility and feel so much better for it. I wish I started Yoga many years ago. In joining Elizabeth’s classes I also had the opportunity to try out some relaxation and meditation and this feels like a real treat during these challenging times.

Elizabeth is a fabulous teacher, lots of fun and encourages everyone in the class to get involved and provide her with feedback. I would say to anyone, if you want to do Yoga Elizabeth is the right person to teach you.

Sarah Anne Stewart

“A new love for yoga and deep breathing!”

I’ve been attending Elizabeth’s yoga classes for a little over a year now and I absolutely love them. Elizabeth is so warm, friendly and encouraging. I’ve really found a new love for yoga and deep breathing!

Naomi Doak

“A huge help to my mental and physical wellbeing.”

As someone who’d never done yoga before, I’ve got so much out of coming to Elizabeth’s classes. Elizabeth has a lovely style, makes everyone feel very welcome and has a terrific ability to make everyone feel included in the class, regardless of their ability. Elizabeth quickly responded to the limitations brought on by the pandemic and set up online classes for us which have been a lifeline for me – I appreciate being able to log in and attend a pre-recorded class before I can start my working day, which had been a huge help to my mental and physical wellbeing during these challenging times. Can’t recommend this group highly enough, thank you !

Anne MacIntosh

“Available for practice whenever suits you”

I have been attending Elizabeth’s classes for 1 year.  For the past few months I have been enjoying zoom yoga classes with Elizabeth. The classes are great, and as they are also recorded on Facebook they are available for practice whenever suits. Love the extra 10 minute and 30 minute classes available on the private Facebook group. Elizabeth is a fab teacher and classes are fun.

Monica Adams

“The movements are now in our everyday activities.”

Elizabeth offered my husband and I a private class whilst we were visiting Glasgow to help us start and ease into yoga as we were both a little apprehensive and had never done before.  This was the best way for us to feel comfortable with our individual body shapes and capabilities. Elizabeth explained the purpose and benefits of yoga to help us understand it better before we started our journey.

Elizabeth has continued to teach us wonderful and varied stretches, as well as many breathing techniques.

After one year, both my husband and I feel we are so must more flexible that we used to be and noticed we unconsiously practise something every day, even it is just alternating our balance on one foot or bending from the hips to pick something up.  The movements are incorporated in our everyday activities.

Elizabeth is consistent in her style and language which makes us able to follow classes with ease even though we are now online and in Australia.

We both look forward to the weekly classes and enjoy replaying some of the recorded classes to allow us to ease into the busy day ahead.

Thank you Elizabeth

Liz and Pete – Australia

“All levels are catered for.”

My Mum and I have enjoyed Elizabeth’s classes over the past few months and have benefited from her expertise and guidance during the stressful times we have all been facing, The weekly yoga classes have given us something to look forward to and keep fit at the same time. All levels are catered for at Elizabeth’s classes and we find that each week we are able to push ourselves further and develop in our flexability.

Fiona and Jacqueline.

“Elizabeth gently pushes you.”

I am grateful that Elizabeth has taken her yoga platform online during these trying times. I enjoy setting aside dedicated time to join in with these classes just as I would have if I was attending a group session. Elizabeth gently pushes you to give the best of yourself.  She always gives that bit extra.  Such a caring, kind and gentle teacher.

Susan Lynagh