“Elizabeth still provides such a community feel even virtually”

I have been attending Elizabeth’s yoga practice in person and online for well over a year now.
Elizabeth makes all her students feel so welcome and comfortable from the get go.
Classes are suitable for all levels. Every week I look forward to my time on the mat with Elizabeth. It’s just so lovely to spend an hour on myself and my wellness.

The mix of practices is great we can have a very relaxing class one day and the next can push the poses we have learned to the next level.
Always learning always progressing. I now am not sure what I like the best, in person or online as both options are so good with Elizabeth guiding us.

I love in person classes as I’m very much a people person and like being part of a community. But I have to say the online Zoom/Facebook live classes have been a life saver over the last few months in lockdown it’s my two favourite hours of every week pretty much.

Elizabeth still provides such a community feel even virtually and it’s ideal not having to travel.

I cannot recommend Elizabeth and Wellbeing with Elizabeth highly enough.

Elizabeth has been doing lovely giveaway gifts for her community every month and on top of that we have been given some morning and nighttime meditation on Insight Timer as a wee extra bonus which has been a lovely addition to the service provided.

If you are not sure if you would like yoga and have never tried it before Elizabeth is the girl for you. You will never look back.

The enthusiasm and care Elizabeth has for each and everyone of her students shines through at each and every session. 🙏🏻 🧘‍♀️

Paula Sweeney