“The movements are now in our everyday activities.”

Elizabeth offered my husband and I a private class whilst we were visiting Glasgow to help us start and ease into yoga as we were both a little apprehensive and had never done before.  This was the best way for us to feel comfortable with our individual body shapes and capabilities. Elizabeth explained the purpose and benefits of yoga to help us understand it better before we started our journey.

Elizabeth has continued to teach us wonderful and varied stretches, as well as many breathing techniques.

After one year, both my husband and I feel we are so must more flexible that we used to be and noticed we unconsiously practise something every day, even it is just alternating our balance on one foot or bending from the hips to pick something up.  The movements are incorporated in our everyday activities.

Elizabeth is consistent in her style and language which makes us able to follow classes with ease even though we are now online and in Australia.

We both look forward to the weekly classes and enjoy replaying some of the recorded classes to allow us to ease into the busy day ahead.

Thank you Elizabeth

Liz and Pete – Australia