Vegan Chocolate!

I recently started to make my own chocolate and I really love it!  I have always loved dark chocolate,  but just a little bit.    Once I looked at the recipes for Vegan also called Raw Chocolate I have never looked back!

They are easy and fun to make,  The moulds are so easy,  or just pop the whole lot out and make a rough chocolate bar.   You need to use good quality ingredients and I have linked what I use.  I purchase from Amazon – I love the SevenHills range.  If you sign up to Amazon Prime you also get great TV and free shipping!!

No suger, no milk and tastes delicious,  only issue is not eating it all at once!

Here is the recipe

  • 1 cup of organic cocoa powder –  I love SevenHills – click here to go to Amazon Link
  • 1 cup of organic cocoa butter –  I love SevenHills – click here to go to Amazon Link
  • 1/3 3rd cup of Organic Mayle Syrup – Click here to go to Amazon Link I use.
  • 1/3 cup of Organic coconut Oil – I love SevenHills – click here to go to Amazon Link
  • Pinch of rock salt if you like.

You could do in the microwave,  but I prefer the double boiler method.   Just a pyrex bowl or Jug and sit in some boiling water.   Easy!


  • Place the Organic coconut oil and the Cocoa butter in the glass bowl or jug
  • Place jug in the water and stir until all melted together.
  • Once melted – Add the organic mayple syrup and slowly add the cocoa power.
  • Stir and Stir!  until all of the cocoa is blended in and no lumps!
  • Add the little pinch of salt if desired.


You can use moulds,  or any container with greaseproof paper.  Linked my moulds here

I add doTERRA (food grade) essential oils.   Peppermint, Orange, Tumeric – I can help you get these! 🙂

I love adding nuts and fruit.  The chunkier the better.

Place in fridge to set –  It takes a few hours to set,  dont be tempted to go in too soon.

Once ready empty out the moulds or break up the chocolate bar and put in airtight containers and keep in fridge.  They dont last more than a couple of days in my house!