Good Bye 2020

2020 was a year like no other. A lot of heartache, scared people, sadness, financial issues, Job losses.

My family was fortune to ride the storm. My husband was furloughed, but we are ok.

I see a lot of posts on how 2020 robbed them of a year of their life, for those that lost their lifes to covid19, it robbed them of their lifes, and that is very sad, but those of us lucky enough to be alive, the way I see it, It did not rob us, it changed us, it gave us different things, it made us appreciate what we have. It made us realise there are many less fortune and help them more. I saw a lot of amazing acts of kindness from others. I saw people play with their kids, walk with the parents, when normally they were too busy commuting, and working.

2020 was absolutely a difficult year for many, but if each one of us looks at our year, even if you had heartache, I bet you can find a positive, a good thing to focus on.

At the start of 1998 my mother had a brain tumor, by summer I lost my mother, father in law, close family friend and my best friend’s father all within 3 months. I was pregnant through it all. At the end of 1998 I was blessed with a beautiful daughter, who in 2020 graduated with a first class honours degree in business. I guess you might say 1998 was the worst year of my life, but how can it be when I was blessed with my daughter too?

Life will always throw stuff at us, we can either be grateful for what we have or ungrateful and sad for what we don’t, one way or the other becomes a way of life.

Wishing you health, happiness and love in 2021.

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